Hebron collective punishment

Israel inflicts collective punishment on Palestinian residents of Hebron area.

Even following arrest of suspect in Friday’s killing of two settlers in the southern West Bank area of Hebron, Israel continues its policy of collective punishment in this largest district of the West Bank.

Shadi Ahmed Atawa, age 28 from Hebron, was reportedly turned in by his family to Israeli authorities Sunday after telling them of the attack. Regardless of the arrest, the Israeli army invaded numerous Hebron area villages and towns Sunday night and early Monday morning, arresting seven.


Overall, Israeli media reports that 14 Palestinians were arrested overnight by Israel in the West Bank.

Soldiers raided the village of Beit Ula, situated west of Hebron, early Monday morning, closing entrances to this home of some 11,000 residents. Forces damaged the doors of Beit Ula’s Islamic charitable society, confiscating files and computers of this association which provides free education for area orphans.

Last Monday Israeli soldiers conducted a similar raid on theIslamic Charity Society of the Hebron-area town Shuyoukh, damaging property and confiscating equipment.

Soldiers further raided the Hebron neighbourhoods of Jaber, Al Atkrori and Talet Abu Hadid, located in the H2 area of the city, under Israeli control. Soldiers began registering the name of Palestinians living in these areas, informing local residents that they are now living in a closed military zone and only registered residents have the right to enter the area.

Israel conducted a similar process in the Hebron neigbhourhood of Tel Rumeida and al Shuhada street some two weeks ago.

Activists in Hebron fear that Israel is using the pretext of security to conduct political changes in Hebron, just as it did following the 1994 massacre in Hebron of 129 worshippers in the city’s Ibrahimi mosque by Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein.

Soldiers further invaded the Hebron-area town of Sa’ir this morning, entering the home of Azzam Shalada, who was arrested Thursday while being treated at Hebron’s Al Ahli hospital. While raiding the hospital to arrest Shalada, Israeli undercover forces shot and killed his cousin Abdullah, 27, who was caring for him.

Israeli forces also raided the Sa’ir home of Raed Ajaradat, who was killed by soldiers one month ago.

In both cases Israeli soldiers took measurements of the homes, telling the families they would be demolished.

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