Greetings Card – Ameer Makhoul

Greetings Card

Imprisoned Holiday-Christmas in Jail

At home I used to wish holiday to continue,

In jail my wish is that holiday pass like mad.

In jail I recollect all beloved people, as well as all friends, combinds and solidarity persons.. you are in mined.. always.

In prison I recollect the happy voice of holiday. Happiness has a unique voice which just happiness can orchestrate.

During the imprisoned holiday. I feel my small and great family, I recognize how our love and human will are stronger.

Holiday doesn’t recognize any confinements, fences or oppression walls. It does recognize happiness, freedom and justice with the seek for.

Imprisoned holiday contains pain and sufferance , but also revival of hope and willingness of happiness and human dignity. Pain and sufferance should be transformed into human anger to motivate struggle for freedom.

When free mind prisoner confronts the oppressors of happiness, the Palestinian prisoner express a sneer toward them, it’s the smile of victor.

Oppressors compulsion must pass and will pass, while our happiness and our holiday are continuing.

I wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Ameer Makhoul



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