Colloque ALICE : « Epistemology of South »

Du 8 au 12 juillet 2014, la Fondation Frantz Fanon a participé au programme ALICE dont le thème, cette année, était « Epistemology of South » en présentant une intervention portant sur « Endless war as part of the coloniality of power ».

Pour écouter l’intervention, mais aussi l’ensemble du colloque suivre ce lien :…

Durant, ce colloque, un protocole de coopération a été signé entre le Centre for social studies of the University of Coimbra –représenté par Boaventura De Souza Santos- et la Fondation Frantz Fanon –représentée par Mireille Fanon Mendes France-

About ALICE, Strange Mirrors

ALICE is a research project coordinated by Boaventura de Sousa Santos and financed by the European Research Council (ERC). ALICE is a project that seeks to re-think and renovate socio-scientific knowledge by drawing upon “Epistemologies of the South. The objective is to develop new theoretical and political paradigms of social transformation. Throughout Europe and the Global North as a whole, there is a sentiment of intellectual and political exhaustion. ALICE Team, June 2012 Over a decade into the 21st Century, such exhaustion translates into the incapacity to innovatively confront various challenges that interpellate the world and impeded upon justice : social, environmental, inter-generational, cultural, historical and cognitive justice. In contrast, the Global South, in its immense diversity, presents itself today as a wide field of economic, social, cultural, and political innovation. ALICE is grounded on a wager, i.e, that social, political and institutional change may largely benefit from the innovations occurring in countries and regions of the Global South. A demanding wager, to be sure, for it presupposes availability for mutual recognition, intercultural understanding, political and ideological convergence, respect for identity, and celebration of diversity.

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