Ameer Makhoul greeting us from Palestine : « Your march is our march »

Ameer Makhoul, ancien prisonnier politique, vivant à Haïfa, a envoyé à la Fondation Frantz Fanon  l’intervention qu’il aurait dû prononcer lors du rassemblement de solidarité Pour les droits inaliénables du peuple palestinien, samedi 22 mai à Paris. La technique nous a joué des tours.  Il y témoigne de la situation de violence, de ratonnades auxquelles les Palestiniens de 1948 font face mais aussi de la résistance des Palestiniens et surtout des jeunes partout sur le territoire illégalement occupé. 

Greetings from Palestine, greetings from Haifa, Gaza, Jerusalem, Ramallah everywhere. Your march is our march.

The Israeli aggressive war is to target all Palestinian people all around historical Palestine.

Cease fire does not mean the end of Israeli aggression, contrary does not mean to cease of solidarity voice, the continuity of your voice lauder, as well as all solidarity movement all over the world is critical at this moment. Without our joint struggle Israel would be much more aggressive and feeling impunity to continue with war crimes, ethnic cleansing and colonial settler racism.

Now is the time to make our voice much more influential to stop occupation, to make Gaza free, to support the steadfastness of Sheikh Jarrah to support 48 Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Cease fire doesn’t mean that occupation is now less aggressive, or that racist oppressive colonial settler Israeli practices are less criminal now. The matter now is much more than reconstruction of Gaza or humanitarian aid which are needed urgently, the task is how to make all pressure possible in order to make Palestinian rights respected and implemented including the right of return and self determination.We the Palestinian people in Sheikh Jarrah, Al Aqsa mosque, in Gaza, the west bank and refugees are all at risk.

We, Palestine 48 palestinian citizens of Israel are a community at risk. Not the Israeli legal system would protect our existence, but we ask for international protection.

We are under direct threat of the joint act of the state of Israel, its police and security forces and its terrorist racial mob and of course the bloody media, whom makes the life of Palestinian citizens in Haifa, Jaffa, Lyd, Akka not for- granted. We are not protected but subject for lynching, de legitimization, collective arrest (1400 right now), persecution and shooting to our bodies and to our homes and properties.

Keep your eyes open on Palestine, all Palestine, and on all entire Palestinian people in both homeland, refugees and Diaspora.

Palestinians deserve freedom liberation and justice. Palestine deserves de-colonization. Your solidarity makes this dream much more possible.

We as a people with a just cause will never been defeated. No American F35 would determine the future but our People will, struggle and voice. Your voice is our voice, you make justice for Palestine possible.

Tomorrow the sun of freedom will not shine yet, but it would be closer. My people struggle on the ground jointed by your solidarity are the only promising way to bring the freedom sun-shine.

Thank you, so proud of you

Ameer Makhoul


Ameer Makhoul


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