Racism and racial discrimination is a consequence of the emergence of capitalism and its continuity in imperialism. To justify the kidnapping of millions of Africans for the purpose of exploiting the accumulation of the capitalist mode of production, the African and his/her descendants were denigrated with argument of of biological, intellectual and aesthetic inferiority, expressing that they were closer to monkeys than to humans. These arguments according to the International Convention against Racial Discrimination approved by the United Nations Organization in 1965, are « scientifically false, morally unacceptable, and socially dangerous and unfair. »However, since this declaration was launched (1967), countries like the United States, champion of « Human Rights » never signed it. That convention which is framed in human rights, countries like Honduras, Colombia, Haiti and Brazil signed it, but today their results in figures of racial violence are denigrating.

Racism, in the largest world power, the United States, from slavery and immediately to abolition, is the one who has practiced racial extermination, since lynching, as well as maintaining the structure of poverty towards African-Americans and other forms of selective assassinations such as sending large numbers of African-Americans to invasions, wars to other countries to die defending the interests of large corporations as we already know the sound cases of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.


In one of the southern neighborhoods of the city of Los Angeles, four police officers– out of racial prejudice– took an African-American man named Rodney King and beat him savagely, leaving him dying on the street.  At that time, social networks did not exist, but someone recorded on camera when four police officers beat King, which caused people to take to the streets and a citizen rebellion began that set fire to the symbols of racist powers in that city such as police stations and government institutions that had released the four police officers. President Bush had to send 4,000 Marines to quell the citizen rebellion. The anti-racist rebellion resulted in nearly 60 deaths and injuries, and billions of dollars in losses.

Almost forty years have passed between the anti-racial extermination rebellion in Los Angeles and the one that happens today in Minneapolis.
In Minneapolis last Monday, May 25, Africa Day, a white policeman under the insensitive gaze of three other policemen in the middle of a street in Minneapolis and before witnesses passing by, they put African-American George Floyd on the ground, imprisoning his neck. At the cry of « I can’t breath » from Floyd, the police officer pressed his knee against his neck until he died.

Between King (1992) and Floyd (2020), there have been many cases of racial extermination, but the response that the citizens are giving is similar to that of Los Angeles. It is not a riot or disorder, it is not a simple protest, people are indignant against the police system that white supremacy, and especially in the last years, under the presidency of Donald Trump, has revealed that racial extermination is a State policy that not only works in the United States, but is working in Colombia, where the current Duque government assassinated more than one hundred Afro-Colombians as president of that country. Racial extermination as a state policy is working with the Jair Bolsonaro government in Brazil, assuming it sarcastically and publicly. The last week, in Brazil, the Afro-Brazilian leader Joao Pedro was assassinated. In Honduras, the government of drug trafficking president Juan Hernandez assassinates a Garifuna everyday, in addition to stripping them of their land.

Racial extermination is a policy of the State and an organization like the United Nations (UN), must take that to the next General Assembly to be held in September. Particularly, because within the framework of the Decade of African Descendants 2015-2024, racism and racial extermination, with an institutional police system with more racial hygiene, is causing many COVID-19 deaths in United States communities is a crime against humanity.

Jesus Chucho Garcia
Translation : TEJ GREWALL

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